#21889 Spectacular Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Stilbite
Spectacular Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Stilbite
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This 1.9 oz crystal cluster is 1.7" by 1.4" by 1.5". It literally glitters with brilliant, perfectly-formed apophyllite crystals, the largest of which is 1.4” tall! The crystals are water-clear and colorless and pretty rainbows play among them. Plus there is a magical crystal of peach stilbite sitting on one of them to shift the energies! This is an absolutely spectacular and very aesthetic piece from India and she has a small base contact area.

This Spirit radiates a loving energy, similar to the way a bouquet of flowers seems to fill a room! I have loved having her sitting to one side while I work – she is a muse and stirs the creative juices, allowing expression to the passion you feel in your heart. She is a must-have for artists, writers or anyone working in the creative fields – plus she is such a joy to have around! She is outstanding for giving the heart a voice … as well as seeing the truth in all situations, and bridging the physical and spiritual realms.

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Spectacular Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Stilbite

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