#21892 Stunning Polished Chalcedony-Agate Slice
Stunning Polished Chalcedony-Agate Slice
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This is a singing and simply stunning 85.6 gram, 3.8” by 3.4” by 0.5”, polished chalcedony-agate slice from Indonesia. She is muted, warm shades of earth tones and a bubble-like interior with a hollow center. With a loupe, you will see a fringe of drused quartz. She is intricate in her patterning and shading and you will delight in the exploration. She comes with an adjustable plastic stand (pictured to show how to assemble it) so that you can easily see the light displaying her beauty. She will make a wondrous addition to your special meditation spaces.

Chalcedony, agate and jasper are all expressions of microcrystalline quartz. Chalcedony is more clear and expresses in formations like bubbles or lobes. Agate may have clear areas of chalcedony as well and is largely included (like moss agate or blue lace agate). Jasper is opaque and may be exceedingly colorful and intricate.

This Spirit holds a message of peace, love, unity, friendship and faith … all at the same time being earthy and relatable. Her energies infuse a feeling that leaves her Keeper cleansed, grounded and loved. Who wouldn’t want her energies with them at all times?

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Stunning Polished Chalcedony-Agate Slice

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