#21902 Altar-Sized and Unusual Bicolor Phantom Lepidolite with Mica, Albite
Altar-Sized and Unusual Bicolor Phantom Lepidolite with Mica, Albite
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This wonderful lepidolites are from Aricuai, Brazil and this is the most unusual … you won’t believe your eyes when you open her! She is altar-sized, weighing 2 lb 10 oz and measuring 4.8” by 4.4” by 2.1” and sits flat with lobed, domed top. Now look closer … that is layer upon layer of mica columns, interspersed with a bit of lepidolite and creamy albite. The mica looks like zillions of fish scales, gleaming and sparkling! Then, turn her over to the base … there is a mica-in-mica phantom with a partial lepidolite rind! Lepidolite is the mauve on the outside and the effect is quite stunning and unusual … and perfect for her Keeper! And she has a heady and incredible crystalline musk!

Lepidolite is a wonderful Spirit, lithium rich and mauve-purple toned in coloration. She has incredible, mood-lifting energies that just seem to move you out of any funk you might be in. Mind you, it doesn’t happen in a hurry – it is a soft, and gentle process - all of a sudden, you realize that you feel better – much better! Mica is a very special mineral and I think we all fascinate at the way the layers peel off into translucent sheets from an opaque stack. That is very much like our life, built in layers. We stack layer of experience upon layer until we no longer can see through. As we peel them off, tiny bit by tiny bit, we begin to visualize and understand the significance of each experience. Albite enables you to see the truth in what you see, hear and feel The combination of the three energies blends to facilitate the change that must take place to fully integrate the experience into our Consciousness.

It is a very magical combination and this Spirit would like to work in a Reiki or healing practice where it can assist the patient in sorting out the details of his or her life, bringing meaning and clarity. Use with black tourmaline to absorb negativity and double terminated quartz (preferably Herkimer quartz) to facilitate energy flow.

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Altar-Sized and Unusual Bicolor Phantom Lepidolite with Mica, Albite

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