#21903 Amazing and Earthy Crystalline Quartz and Agate “Bark”
Amazing and Earthy Crystalline Quartz and Agate “Bark”
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This is an unusual 3.3 oz piece of agate and quartz crystal that looks for the world like a piece of crystalline bark. The core appears to be layers of agate that has plates rising from them in perpendicular fashion. It reminded me of some kind of tree bark, however, this is not petrified wood (or at least no kind that I’ve ever seen). Tiny quartz crystals cover the surface and the colors between them and the surface add to the bark illusion. Golden healer contributes its usual splash of color and this is a radiant piece! She is 2.6” by 2” by 1.3” and is heady as they come – simply handling her sets up her crystalline musk. She is a grounding and beautiful emissary of Mother Earth.

This lovely lady is all about grounding … I found her soothing and reassuring, perfect for those times when you want to “come down to earth” without overdoing the way some grounding stones do. She helps you maintain an equilibrium, particularly when you work with some of the more ethereal crystals like phenacite and petalite. She is also wonderful in a child’s room, particularly if the child is hyper-active.

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Amazing and Earthy Crystalline Quartz and Agate “Bark”

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