#21915 Energetic “Meandering Leaves” of Dendritic Crystalline Tarnished Copper
Energetic “Meandering Leaves” of Dendritic Crystalline Tarnished Copper
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This is a wonderful, 0.8 oz, 3.45” by 1.4” by 0.4”, varied, incredible natural formation of dendritic copper from China. Copper attains a natural tarnish and his is somewhat reddish (cuprite) … totally beautiful. The formation is completely natural and resembles some kind of meandering tree branch, full of leaves and with an accent of golden healer on one side. A loupe will reveal his wonderful colors and intricate expression!

Beyond the weight, the energy of this Spirit will amaze you! Hold him in your receiving hand and you will feel your hair stand on end! This is not a crystal for the timid – he is a bold energy conductor and will totally activate your aura, sweeping through it and purging blockages, negativity and implants. He is also marvelous to use in a very different manner. Suppose you have a headache – put two aspirin in the sending hand and him in the other. Sit for about 15 minutes and you will feel the pain-killing energies of the aspirin taking effect without you having to take them! It is astonishing and a wonderful modality! Try this with herbs as well. You will have 1000 uses for this flexible and energetic Spirit!

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Energetic “Meandering Leaves” of Dendritic Crystalline Tarnished Copper

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