#21917 Extra-Large and Stunning Shell Fossil Jasper Sphere
Extra-Large and Stunning Shell Fossil Jasper Sphere
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This is a 4 lb 15.6 oz, magnificent shades of gray, black and white sphere, 4.4” in diameter and from China. She is a beautiful sphere, silky smooth and cool to the touch, warming quickly. Now, she is called a jasper and she is not … she is actually a conglomerate of marble, chert, calcite and limestone, but dominated by calcite. Bivalve (clams and the like) shells were included in this sedimentary mixture and create a wonderful landscape of shapes, ancient writing-like markings and symbols. As a note, the arched and faint white lines are reflections off the tripod holding the camera. This one has pods, an eye, flying saucers, a strange animal, flowers … what a wonderful way to scry, meditate and ponder!

Being basically calcite, the link to change is evident on many levels. found this sweet sphere to be grounding, soothing and yet wonderfully evocative and creative with her ancient energies and wisdom. She would make a marvelous center for your creativity altar as well as a superb meditation partner for those occasions when you are creatively blocked. You won’t find a more attentive meditation companion!

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Extra-Large and Stunning ‘Shell Fossil Jasper’ Sphere

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