#21921 Hand-Carved and Sweet Snail Totem
Hand-Carved and Sweet Snail Totem
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This is a sweet and hand-carved 9.38 gram, 1.9” by 1” by 0.75” blue amber snail from Indonesia. It was hard to show the detail in photos, but you will be able to see it best in person with her smooth body, raised head with antenna and a cute, spiral shell on his back! Now, most of us dislike snails - they are slimy, make a mess of our plants and are really yucky … but their shell is a prize with it’s spiral and often incredible patterns! Welcome a snail totem to your life … she makes a wonderful pocket or medicine pouch friend.

There are snails all over the world and they may be terrestrial or aquatic. Terrestrial snails are part of your garden ecosystem, eating dead and decaying leaves and animal excrement, eating eggs of more damaging slugs and providing food for birds and other creatures. We humans (well some of us … not me) also enjoy them was escargots. They serve a similar value in the ocean where we recognize them as a chambered nautilus or conches … and many others. The shells of sea snails are generally collector items as well!

Snails represent placing a value on time … to never let the pace determine the destination. The spiral of its shell symbolizes the cyclical nature of evolution and the continuity and relatedness of species … the growth and expansion of all. Snail teaches us to not rush - better to do a good job in a long time than a half or shoddy job in less time. It all is a valuable lesson and Snail is a willing teacher.

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Hand-Carved and Sweet Snail Totem

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