#21927 Majestic and Sweet Old Soul Light Smoky Elestial Quartz
Majestic and Sweet Old Soul Light Smoky Elestial Quartz
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This wonderful Brazilian elestial weighs in at 1 lb 3.5 oz and is 4.5” by 3.8” by 2.6” with keyed and healed areas all over … from the side, she reminds me of a rubber ducky. And in fact, the way her smaller crystals cascade, they rather resemble feathers. She is a medium to light smoky with some fenstering and zoning of her smoky color with occasional small insets of golden healer stained calcite. You’ll also see a bit of albite near her base. Her glyphs are deeply etched and she has a bit of a rugged, old soul look and feel. She may look old, rugged and worn, but as soon as you hold her, you will feel the ancient wisdom within and know that she is a wonderful healing being!

This elestial Spirit actually seems to contain several Spirits with one dominant, a most delightful, angelic presence. Her name is Clarion and when you hold her, you almost feel tinkling laughter. She has a message of joy that seems to flow like a waterfall, bubbling and rushing! Her energy is focused in the Solar Plexus (unusual for a smoky) and just radiates outward. She helps to bring problems into perspective – nothing is as bad or as huge or as dire as you imagine it to be. She helps you realize the balance and once the true nature of the issue is perceived, it is much easier to resolve … and heal. She is a wonderful tool for personal meditation – used on a regular basis, she will help you maintain an even keel and a level perspective. She would also like to assist a Crystal Healer or Reiki Master in a healing practice. Placed on the body or under the treatment table, she can set the stage for the serious work of healing.

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Majestic and Sweet Old Soul Light Smoky Elestial Quartz

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