#21953 Altar-Sized Curved, Smaller Singing Spiral-Keyed Amethyst Dragon Tooth Wand
Altar-Sized Curved, Smaller Singing Spiral-Keyed Amethyst Dragon Tooth Wand
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This is an arrival from Bahia, Brazil and although these amethyst wands have been around a while (I have many smaller ones listed), these larger sized ones are wondrous! These were carefully separated from large clusters and unlike many of the amethysts with “stocky” crystals, these Spirits are long and thin … make that EXTRA-long! My supplier said that when he was in Brazil, he talked to the miner who had 3000 kg of these, almost all of which had polished faces. He carefully picked out the unpolished ones (that he named “Dragon’s Teeth”) and knew that I would be super interested … more like over the moon, doing cartwheels and jumping up and down excited! This one is one of the shorter ones and slightly curved at 1 lb 0.4 oz and 6” by 2” by 1.2” and a singer as you run your fingers along her spiraled keys … and she has areas of “frosting” that add color contrast. Her termination is a nice amethyst while her wand part is light smoky and holding her, you can feel the tremendous energy surging through her. Her keys make holding her very ergonomic. I always wash each crystal before photographing and this one like the others, has a heady crystalline musk that truly adds to her already exceptional vibrations. There are interesting markings on the faces with subtle and layered record keepers, including a few trigonic record keepers, that fill the largest faces almost like a crystalline fingerprint and if you backlight her, you’ll see layered amethyst phantoms in her termination as well a subtle one in her termination and another in wand area. The keys have interesting glyphs on then and this Spirit even features a small portion of her original side! Add some nice rainbows and you will be in love! Believe me, these wands are strongly connected to Merlin and the magic that was Avalon! She is in excellent condition and ready to make some serious magic with her forever Keeper!

As with the smaller wands, this Spirit is literally a gateway from the Crown Chakra to the Ethereal Chakras and so much more. Her many keys act as energy guides and with the spiraling of her keys, the energy becomes ultra-focused, concentrated and augmented. When you use her during meditation, wet her so that the crystalline musk fills your head. Drumming (or playing a recording of drumming) or playing beautiful Spiritual music further enhances the visions and energy movement that will emanate. Allow the energy level to grow and should visions appear, accept them without filtration or judgment. When your meditation is complete, write down anything you saw or felt. Use this Spirit in successive days in meditation to assist with interpretations and to enhance the energy movement leading to complete activation of the Ethereal Chakras. Also use her to develop your own ceremonies for she is a potent energy tool for true enlightenment! Remember … she is strongly connected to Merlin and the magic of that time … the magic awaits!

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Altar-Sized Curved, Smaller Singing Spiral-Keyed Amethyst Dragon Tooth Wand

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