#21956 Banded Pocket-Sized Orange-Red Rhodochrosite Freeform
Banded Pocket-Sized Orange-Red Rhodochrosite Freeform
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This is a petite and pocket-sized and triangular freeform of rhodochrosite and I think you’ll agree that it’s totally unique! The color is pinky-red with orange overtones and gel-like with bands of color and white that contribute almost lacey detail. She is wonderful worry stone and will be a real meditation favorite! She is 0.4 oz and 1.1” by 0.8” by 0.35”.

Rhodochrosite has been called the stone of love and balance. When my husband and I got married, we each carried a slice of rhodochrosite with us to symbolize the love we shared and the balance we wanted. It was a great choice and we still have those rhodochrosite slices! The energies are so soft and warming and calming, all at once. The coral-pink color allows the expression of the heart with the passion of the physical. They give you the confidence to do and BE what you truly love! She is a wonderful stone as the center for a heart grid or an addition to a loving altar!

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Banded Pocket-Sized Orange-Red Rhodochrosite Freeform

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