#21965 Electric Channeler Message Stone Goethite after Quartz Pseudomorph
Electric Channeler Message Stone Goethite after Quartz Pseudomorph
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This is an arrival from Bahia, Brazil and atypical of the quartz I carry. She is a pseudomorph of goethite after quartz, so she has the shape of a channeler quartz but has been completely replaced by goethite which gives her some very interesting and unique energies and is what I call a “Message Stone”. The messages she bears are unique to her and her Keeper. She is totally black and opaque with the sides having a pronounced texture through raised glyphs ranging in color from black to lighter gray to white. And she has more of the white than most and is dusted in areas with a thin film of golden healer. The glyphs make her feel sandy, but they send prickles of energy through your hand! Each of these Spirits has a different arrangement pattern of the electricity she sends. Her base is rather v-shaped and healed with an area that may have been a ding at one time, but totally healed. The “V” permits the base of it to rest against the palm of your hand making the energy transmission of her messages more immediate. She weighs 8.2 oz and measures 4.5” by 1.6” by 1.25” and is in excellent condition, awaiting her special Keeper.

This is really interesting Spirit that belies the attributes usually attributed to a black crystal. Although the messages she carries are meant for only one Keeper, she did share some general characteristics. She is a Spirit applied to all the Chakras and applies a sense of balance, calming, patience, clarity and guidance. There are deeper messages that each Keeper will receive and she will awaken a whole new experience in working with crystals. Interestingly, all of these Spirits have a white aura edged with faint gold arising like flames from the edges! She will be your new best friend and answer crystal!

As a note, the Message Stone I adopted (or rather who adopted me) has given me very salient, intriguing and gentle messages. I find the Spirit to be like a wise sage with the wisdom of the Ancients … timeless and yet timely.

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Electric Channeler Message Stone Goethite after Quartz Pseudomorph

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