#21975 Impressive Polished Swirling Jasper Sphere
Impressive Polished Swirling Jasper Sphere
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This is a wondrous 1 lb 10.8 oz, 3” in diameter jasper sphere. Jasper is an opaque cryptocrystalline quartz. The colors will amaze you – shades or deep russet-red, gold, ochre, toast, steel-blue and white. Every way you look at her, there is a different aspect shown with different messages. This is a great Spirit for “Self” altars or personal meditation. Note … these are reflections on the surfaces from the tripod and light.

This is a wonderful is a wonderful stone for balance, deftly stabilizing your aura and putting all in balance. This Spirit reminds me of a young Earth with her whirling and swirling plays of earthy color on one side (if spheres had sides … ) and what looks like bands of stars on the other … Heaven and Earth in a planetary formation. The balance of energies assists with the discovery of Self, including the role and focus in this life’s expression. Through grounding and centering, she strengthens the core and promotes Self-esteem and concentration. Use her in meditation for a deeper and more meaningful one … she may look ordinary, but her role is extraordinary!

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Impressive Polished Swirling Jasper Sphere

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