#22001 Altar-Sized Citrine Lemurian Quartz from Pink Lemurian Beds
Altar-Sized Citrine Lemurian Quartz from Pink Lemurian Beds
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Interestingly, these lovely citrine Lemurians were found in the pink Lemurian beds in Brazil! These turned up occasionally, but never in any abundance so these are a real treat. She is altar-sized at 15.4 oz, 6.4” by 2.15” by 1.15” stately and single crystal with a large key that runs from her slanted base to within 1/4” of her terminal apex. Another but smaller key graces the opposite side. Her faces have been lightly polished along her natural lines and she is a lovely light gold color with a faint pink blush, making her a color-shifter! Apologies as it really messed with the camera and her “sunset” glow sometimes looks truly citrine and other times, pinkish. And she has the typical Lemurian lines on her sides with subtle glyphs inscribed. She is a most amazing handful or love, light and bliss for her Keeper … she will make a wonderful addition to you special altar spaces.

This Spirit speaks to love, loving and Self love. And while people don’t think of citrines as heart crystals, in the Ayurvedic systems, yellow is considered heart centered (remember heart of gold?). This Spirit definitely speaks of the bottomless abundance of love – it is all around us in the spring flowers, our friends, our family and all that we cherish and hold dear. Her citrine is blushed with pink, so really enforces the abundance of love energies. In trying times, we tend to overlook or forget that these energies are there as a support and yet, they are a “shoulder” to lean on when we need it most. And note too that abundance takes all forms and it isn’t about money and things – an abundance of love is the greatest treasure anyone can know! She will help to connect you to that treasure without end and help you see the true joy in your life!

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Altar-Sized Citrine Lemurian Quartz from Pink Lemurian Beds

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