#22008 Empathic DT Angelic Quartz with Rainbows, Record Keepers
Empathic DT Angelic Quartz with Rainbows, Record Keepers
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This sweet Spirit weighs 7.7 oz and measures 4.15” by 1.9” by 1.35' and is from the Sweet Surrender Mine in Arkansas. She has a ding right at the side of each termination, making her and empath and is pristine elsewhere with glyphs, some elestial spots and a few shy, but vivid rainbows. Her broader termination is actually twinned (the twins share a ding) and with a loupe, you will find subtly0inscribed record keepers. She wi bright-light-white and 2/3 mists and the remaining 1/3 clear. There are a few teeny spots of golden healer and she is really joyous and angelic hoping for a Keeper who will savor her energies!

When there is a larger ding, we call these “empathy dings”. The crystal’s energy is unabated, but takes on a different dimension. Consider, a friend breaks a leg and you are sympathetic, but until you actually experience a similar break, you truly don’t have an understanding of what your friend goes through. And we don’t ever go through life without empathy dings – look at the number of us who have had operations or serious illness. This Spirit helps to teach us the quality of empathy, critical for both healers and those to be healed. Until we can actually put ourselves into the place of the other, we cannot understand exactly what they are feeling or how the healing can occur. This Spirit can help place you in touch with those critical aspects. Her angelic-like energies are joyous, gentle and loving and she is ready to assist in a healing practice or in personal meditation where you are trying to deal with the true nature of your illness.

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Empathic DT Angelic Quartz with Rainbows, Record Keepers

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