#22015 Green, Toast and Gold Shaman’s Dream Leo Starbrary Quartz Wand
Green, Toast and Gold Shaman’s Dream Leo Starbrary Quartz Wand
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This is a nice 2.4 oz Shaman’s Dream quartz wand from Goveia, Brazil and 3.6” by 0.9” by 0.8”. She has a healed base with two small students on one side with a third on the adjacent side and a deep key diagonal across two sides. Her lodelite is pinned beneath a secondary growth at the termination and along one side. One side hosts a lot of Leo starbrary glyphs (best studied with a loupe) as well as a number of Sirius, but the Leo is dominant. The lodelite is in subtle shades of green, toast and gold and is truly stunning! Her beauty is wondrous and will set you mind to dreaming or the stars!

In Brazil, these crystals are known as Shaman’s Dream because of the wondrous inner landscape created by their inclusions. While many of us don’t want to specifically become Shamans, we do want to enhance our meditative states and improve both dream recall and dream interpretation. She helps to free your mind from conventional thought so as to expand your own cognitive abilities. For example, understand that a dream about a house does not represent the same thing to all people. We all have different internal “keys”, past/future lifetimes and current lifetime experiences. Allow your Self to wander the landscape within this Spirit and embrace the visions that unfold. This Spirit will bring a new level to your meditative state as you dream of the stars!

Leo glyphs are very linear and geometric ... a bit like bar codes but diagonal as a leading edge to other more flowing glyphs. These are relatively rare but can be found on quartz from many locations. The Leo peoples rarely interacted as they observed and noted what they found. They are like archeologists, meticulously cataloging what they discovered, like an intergalactic history book. This information may have been used at a later date when interactions with humans were deemed appropriate.

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Green, Toast and Gold Shaman’s Dream Leo Starbrary Quartz Wand

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