#22029 Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Rosetta Starbrary
Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Rosetta Starbrary
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This is a 2.9 oz, 2.2” by 1.3” by 1.2” peachy-tangerine quartz from Diamantina, Brazil. Her color is really ethereal and she is twinned The larger twin has a shallowly dinged face that is totally healed and there is an earthquake zone at the partially healed base. Earthquake zones are ancient fractures that have healed through the eons and her is marked by the hematite that contributed to her juicy color. Her sides bear Lemurian lines with Pleiades, Draco and Leo glyphs and some odd ones that look like bar coding. Save for the healed ding, she is in excellent condition and a beautiful and colorful Spirit with a few shy but vibrant rainbows!

I am amazed by the ancientness of the energies emanating from this Spirit. She touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. There is no need to worry or stew over what your role is – you know it without verbalizing in any manner. You are embraced in every sense by a sweetness and freshness that renews the Spirit and heals the Self. During meditation several summers ago, I perceived a color to the Earth’s aura that I called “resin” – it was a honeyed rose with a fragrance of tuberose or honeysuckle. The color and the odor were defined together – you couldn’t sense one without the other. And this Spirit is of that vibration – to work with her is to know the Earth in all its intimate stages, including the visitors from the stars. Your time is now and you are the Keeper she will share her secrets with …

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Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Rosetta Starbrary

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