#22030 Petite, Colorful Lily Pad Chlorite Quartz Wand - Tara Energy
Petite, Colorful Lily Pad Chlorite Quartz Wand - Tara Energy
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This is a petite, sweet and totally unusual Spirit from Brazil and I have to admit to being totally intrigued about a ‘lily pad’ quartz wand. When I unwrapped each one, I was immediately captivated! She is from the same area in Brazil where the Green and Blue Tara quartz are mined and she carries the same Tara energies. Her sides and faces are covered with subtle glyphs and inside, there are these wonderful little green and golden chlorite inclusions that look just like lily pads … circular and glorious, although she doesn’t have a lot of them. There is a key horizontally arranged across one side and she has a pencil termination. She is joyous and filled with Tara energies, perfectly sized for personal meditation (or travel) … inside or out … wherever you hold a scared place! She is 1 oz and 2.85” by 0.75” by 0.6” and has a healed base. She is as excellent as she is colorful and energetic!

Truly, this is one crystal who relishes being outside. She is full of Tara Spirits and will help put you in touch with the Spirit of the woods and rocks and streams. She will help you ground yourself and feel more closely attached to the Earth, allowing you to celebrate the positive energies you find around you and banish all the negative ones. Take her for walks and sit with her after; you will feel a peace, tranquility and connectedness that renews and cleanses the Spirit. Don’t forget to look for nature’s gifts as your attention will be rewarded with a feather or brilliant leaf or interesting pebble. Her role in this life’s expression is to make you smile and appreciate the beauty and sweetness of the land we call home … Tara.

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Petite, Colorful Lily Pad Chlorite Quartz Wand - Tara Energy

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