#22037 Snowflake Palm-Sized Chrysanthemum Stone
Snowflake Palm-Sized Chrysanthemum Stone
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This is an all-natural chrysanthemum stone that has been shaped into a flat palm-stone, but not polished, weighing 3.1 oz and measuring 2.5” by 2.1” by 0.8”. She has a beautiful finish and soft (almost velvety) black contrasted by the beautiful gray-white of the “blossom” that looks like a frilled chrysanthemum … or a winter snowflake. Chrysanthemum stone is celestite in slate and it comes from China where it is highly prized for its “frozen flowers”. This is a natural stone and although the snowflake isn’t perfect on one edge, you can easily see how the celestite formed in layers. She will fit into the palm of your hand and her energies are sweet and gentle!

Since this is going to be a glorious spring, I thought I’d offer one of nature’s flowers. She is wonderful just for stress relief alone – sit with her in your hand, a steaming cup of tea and a good book and all the worries in the world simply melt away. Truly as you gaze at her, the flowers yield to rising devas: a fairy queen, a soaring eagle, fireworks. She is so wonderful that you won’t want to put her down – ever! Tuck her under your pillow at night for incredible dreams and flights of fancy! Take the journey!

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Snowflake Palm-Sized Chrysanthemum Stone

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