#22056 Chevroned Amethyst Wand with Hematite Phantom - Spiritual Integration
Chevroned Amethyst Wand with Hematite Phantom - Spiritual Integration
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This is an arrival from near Manaus, Brazil in the Amazon and these quartz are beyond stunning and super-special! This petite Spirit is somewhat lopsided-looking as a result of the heavy keying and is 1.6 oz and 2.9” by 1.05” by 0.85”. She was carefully extracted from a large cluster and the keys reveal Lemurian lines and also offer ergonomic finger and thumb perches as you work with her … and show her chevroned sides … amethyst, a hint of smoke, clear quartz and blends of the three, all forming a nice phantom in the termination. With a loupe, you can see teeny bits of what looks like cacoxinite. Her sort of elestial crown is a luscious russet hematite phantom with a thin layer (secondary growth) over the phantom and keys and her faces show some very subtle glyphs. There a very small ding at the edge of the termination, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition!

As I was unwrapping these wondrous quartz, I was immediately struck with their role … they are Spiritual integrators! We all endeavor to advance Spiritually through this lifetime but in doing so, we seem to focus only on the upper and outer Chakras. This Spirit reminds us that always, no matter how we Spiritually advance, we must integrate our developments into our core being! Within that core, like our DNA, we have encoded all things that must follow us from lifetime to lifetime. It forms the core basis for our entire Being. As with a garden, it must be continually weeded to remove things that no longer serve to make so as to make way for the beautiful flowers that will continue season to season. These crystals have an essential role and enjoy working with their specific Keeper to ensure the total integration of all that we have learned, growing our Core Spirit beautifully!

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Chevroned Amethyst Wand with Hematite Phantom - Spiritual Integration

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