#22072 Incredible Glittering Showy Sugarblade Quartz Cluster
Incredible Glittering Showy Sugarblade Quartz Cluster
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This is a splendid 1.5 oz 1.9” by 1.9” by 1.1” sugarblade quartz cluster from the Madagascar. Sugarblade is a special type of elestial quartz in which the terminal face edges are raised with the faces filled with tiny terminations. Overall, she is a soft white with golden healed accents giving her a warm glow. A bit of calcite is in the crevices and her terminations are awesome with the little sugarblade terminations glistening and sparkling in the light with mist-filled phantoms. She has a healed, flat base and is nothing short of astounding … spectacular and beautiful beyond words!

I always wash each crystal prior to photographing. This lady has a strong crystalline musk about her that is unbelievably heady! When you work with her in meditation, anoint her with fresh rainwater or melted snow and allow this musk to rise. With its fragrance, her energies spread. She exudes a pure vibration that seems to cleanse the air and fill it with angel’s song. She allows you to dissolve all those negative feelings you harbor about your Self and instills confidence instead. She likes to sit on your lap while meditating so that you can bring both hands in contact with her – there are many hand positions and the energies are different in each! Play beautiful music, like Michael Rowland’s Fairy Ring, to complete the sensory surroundings and enhance the vibrations of love and joy! She is a wonderful and capable companion, ready to assist where she can. If you are a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner, this Spirit is a must! She can put you in touch with the true healer inside of you! MAGICAL!

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Incredible Glittering Showy Sugarblade Quartz Cluster

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