#22087 Radiant Green Inspiration Quartz Cluster
Radiant Green Inspiration Quartz Cluster
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This neat cluster was one that my supplier called “Inspiration Quartz” based on his own impressions … and I quite agree. She is 3.6 oz and measures 2.5” by 2.1” by 1.4” and is from Bahia, Brazil. In the inspiration quartz, the characteristic golden green color comes from concentrations of actinolite inclusions and her crevices are accented with golden healer. One side is normal-looking crystals while the other shows quite a bit of growth interference. She has a heady crystalline musk, even when dry … just the moisture of your hands will activate it. There are a few tiny dings, but nothing that alters her magnificent presence and superior energy. She would make a wonderful small altar crystal for her Keeper.

My supplier found a very limited number of these when he was in Brazil and fell in love immediately ... and I see why. Actinolite is known for its cleansing and this Spirit is no exception there, but it’s not the usual actinolite cleanse, but rather one that scrubs off the blockages, negative energies and psychic hooks that hold us back in all that we do. Her tangerine coloration accentuates the passion and the more physical expression of what is in the heart. This means that if it’s something you know in your heart that you need to do, she clears the way. You find doubt, hesitation, indifference, indecision, self-deprecation, inferiority and all manner of things that impede our progress – these are all gone! Open your eyes to a whole new world and embrace the Enlightenment that looms ahead of you! This crystal is a crystal meant for a woman who is having difficulty expressing her passion. Through it all, without passion, there is no delight, enthusiasm or joy! And, with her smoky expression, there is a protective quality about her energy, obliterating fear and negativity, the two biggest enemies of delight, joy and enthusiasm! What a “ride” awaits her true Keeper!

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Radiant Green Inspiration Quartz Cluster

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