#22089 Sacred Wakonta Palest Smoky Quartz with Golden Healer - Protection
Sacred Wakonta Palest Smoky Quartz with Golden Healer - Protection
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This is a 6.8 oz, 4.05” by 1.8” by 1.6” sacred Wakonta quartz from Arkansas and although somewhat worn and rugged-looking, still has some clarity. He has some nice accents of golden healer and you’ll see that he is ever so slightly smoky with great evidence of healing, The base is totally irregular, healed and somewhat “opalized” with some sides sort of eroded and frosty while others more lustrous meaning he wasn’t as badly damaged by his time in the “dirt or that the dirt was relatively soft. The light smoky is tinged with gold from the golden healer and Wakonta quartz is a Native American term for that quartz that appears on the surface of the earth after a rain – literally a gift of Mother Earth. No tools were used to extract the crystals and they were gently washed in rainwater to remove the dirt. Often, they bore Earth damage (and in his case, a fresh ding has obliterated one face) from the forces that brought them to the surface, but damaged or not, each was considered sacred and a gift beyond measure. Considering, he is in excellent condition.

This is a very special protective crystal. I have one that I use to set up a protection shield around the house. Whenever work is done around the house, the field has to be reset – you can either create the shield with him and then take him inside to continue generating the field … or leave him outside as part of a permanent, protective grid. He’s awesome too for putting a shield around your car, family, pets and whatever you feel needs protection. Charge him in full sunlight for a few hours and he’s ready to go, bound to serve!

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Sacred Wakonta Palest Smoky Quartz with Golden Healer - Protection

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