#22104 Altar-Sized Pastel Green and Silvery-White Apophyllite Cluster
Altar-Sized Pastel Green and Silvery-White Apophyllite Cluster
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This is a breathtaking apophyllite cluster of gorgeous pastel mint green crystals, 4 lbs 3 oz and 7.5” by 5.7” by 2.2” from India. She sits on a dark matrix, flecked with areas of bluish-green celadonite. You will also see small patches of celadonite on the top. Silvery-white apophyllite crystals blend with the green for an amazing blend of color contrast and energies. The crystals are beautifully formed and feature a few neat glyphs that are fascinating to study with a loupe! There is a bit of edge damage , but otherwise, she is a gorgeous cluster, ready to go to work on your altar or sacred space!

Apophyllite is an awesome stone for seeing the truth in all situations and it bridges the physical and spiritual realms. It helps us understand with clarity how the realms relate. It facilitates astral travel, but with an important addition: we can remember where we have been and can bring back the significance of the journey. This a wonderful Spirit journeying Spirit and will permit us to travel through time and space, savoring and relishing every instant of that trip. She would be awesome in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can be placed under the treatment table and under the Heart Chakra to fully penetrate the patient and activate the healing. She also makes a meditation crystal for your sacred altar spaces!

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Altar-Sized Pastel Green and Silvery-White Apophyllite Cluster

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