#22140 Self-Standing Tabby Chlorite Quartz Protector Spirit
Self-Standing Tabby Chlorite Quartz Protector Spirit
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This is a 1.7 oz, 2.4" by 1.9" by 1.7" leaf-green chlorite-included tabby quartz from Pakistan, from an area known for its faden quartz. Chlorite is a caustic inclusion and often erodes the quartz and bears such erosion to the back. She is a nice twinned tabby with one side relatively clear with the chlorite flocked inside, while the other is opaque, giving her a kind of yin-yang expression. There is a healed side contact area and some old healed dings, but is generally in excellent condition!

When you first work with this Spirit, you’ll find her to be a little different than other chlorite quartz – her energy is softer and gentler, deftly scrubbing your aura and setting up a protective force field around you. Now, don’t mistake her gentleness – she is still fiercely protective for her, warding off negativity, psychic attacks and bad energies. She is for a Keeper who is going through a great deal of change and feels like he/she is losing the battle. She helps her Keeper to come to grips with the change, working with it instead of fighting it all the time. She works to reestablish balance and envelopes her Keeper in a comforting cloud of protection. She is perfect set as the center of an altar where she can infuse other crystals with her protective energies and balance the atmosphere in a room. She enjoys a nice sunbath every few days to restore her energies.

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Self-Standing Tabby Chlorite Quartz Protector Spirit

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