#22161 Generator (Merlin), Earthquake Smoky Fire Quartz Avatar
Generator (Merlin), Earthquake Smoky Fire Quartz Avatar
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This Brazilian Avatar Spirit weighs 7.7 oz and measures 4.5” by 1.7” by 1.2” and is positively full of surprises. She has a slanted and healed base into tiny terminations effectively making her a DT. Her main termination is a generator (aka “Merlin”) and decorated with flecks of dark and bright red lepidocrosite. You will notice there is a color difference to her body … she is an earthquake quartz, damaged within the Earth and totally healed seamlessly through the eons. In addition, she has an Isis (five-sided) and an Osiris (six-sided) face! Her heady crystalline musk, particularly when wet, will send your senses swooning. This is a very, very special crystal and meant for a modern day Shaman who will recognize her immediately as the Avatar she is. There is one very little ding at the termination, but nothing effecting her beauty or energy!

This Spirit fits in either hand with the thumb against the side of your choice and becomes a powerful avatar. Your fingers find natural holds in her contours. Gaze into her mists and smoke, and allow your mind and Spirit to enter them – see the Avatar in her termination, glowing as she speaks. It is as if you are transported to an ancient temple and are embraced by the presence of the Elders. You look out and see the soaring mountains and rugged landscape. The vibrations are extraordinary! You will feel the presence of Ascended Masters, there for guidance. Always understand that the answers are within, but they will help you recognize them and activate them in your life. This Spirit is a ready helper and will be a true comfort and resource to his Keeper.

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Generator (Merlin), Earthquake Smoky Fire Quartz Avatar

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