#22162 Gleaming Water-Etched Red Amphibole Quartz - Know Inner Truth
Gleaming Water-Etched Red Amphibole Quartz - Know Inner Truth
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Red amphibole quartz is from the Serra do Cabral Mountains in Brazil and even more special is this amazing water-tumbled and etched one, preserving her form and yet “mellowing” her edges. Unlike the lovely pastel or sunrise-sunset-toned amphiboles, these are definite shades of red, sometimes accented with greens, blues and golds … and she is bits of red and gold, muted as a result of the etching action of the water! Amphibole minerals have no crystalline form and meander through the crystal like scarves in the wind. This amazing Spirit has a few of those scarf-like wisps of red edging a very pale opaque peach termination, all framed in a matte finish crystal that shimmers from tiny terminations as you turn her in the light! It is totally fascinating how her crystalline expression is … unique, unabashed and positively stunning! She is 3.5 oz and 3.2” by 1.2” by 1.1” and in excellent condition.

Red amphibole is a wonderful Spirit to help you come in contact with that inner truth that is in your Core Chakra. The Core Chakra is frequently ignored, under the assumption that all the other ones need work while this one is doing just fine. The Core is your connection to Self, family and community and as such is the vessel holding your Core beliefs … the ones that guide your life. But, like the garden, the Core beliefs need weeding in order to remain strong and beautiful so from time to time, you need to align these with your stage of Spiritual advancement. This Spirit blends Earth and water energies deftly, creating a unique balance. She will transport energies from the “ground up” or from the crown down, depending on how you use her. This Spirit is a loyal assistant in that quest as she helps you understand that throughout your life, there is a part of your Core that is “fixed” while another part changes to accommodate the Spiritual growth you experience. While that fixed portion is important, equally important is the flexibility to allow change and in that flexibility, permit the Spiritual growth to become part of your foundation. All that Spiritual growth is without merit if it does not become an integral part of your physical expression and complete you as a person – this is the one and premier Inner Truth! She is truly a Spirit that should be with you at all times!

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Gleaming Water-Etched Red Amphibole Quartz - Know Inner Truth

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