#22188 Sizzling Electric Epidote Phantom Quartz - Lucid Dreaming
Sizzling Electric Epidote Phantom Quartz - Lucid Dreaming
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When I unwrapped this cute crystal from a shipment some time ago, I was stunned. There were only a few of these and when they were packed up by my supplier, he nested them in with lodelite quartz … and I had completely forgotten that they were there. These are Brazilian in origin and so unlike the dream quartz from other areas! This one is 1.6 oz and 2.2” by 1.2” by 1.9” and in spite of first impressions, he is terminated, but keyed, all over. He has had a secondary growth of quartz over the original crystal that was chlorite eroded and covered with sparkling little rods of bright green epidote. These formed a most unusual phantom within him as well as a marvelous, flashy druse area along the sides where the secondary growth didn’t reach! He is largely misted but above the epidote phantom, he is very clear. Sides and faces bear nice glyphs and the epidote has breached the surface of the crystal all around creating a really unusual growth interference that completely “rings” him. He has a few tiny dings and is generally in excellent condition.

This crystal is actually kind of a variant on the dream quartz found in Columbia and Madagascar. His role is for lucid dreaming which is a kind of a directed dreaming in that you are in a dream state and yet conscious of the fact that you are dreaming. As a result, you can manipulate the dream to get an outcome other than the original. Many people do this unconsciously (no pun intended) when they awake from a nightmare and then consciously come up with a solution to the nightmare and allow themselves to return to the dream, but this time, they prevail. This is a wonderful way for conscious and “unconscious” minds to meet and work through problems. To work with this crystal, anoint him with rain water to permit his incredible crystalline musk to rise. Bring him into meditation just before bedtime, planning to go to bed immediately after meditation is complete. Project your questions into him and when you are complete, place him on a nightstand or carefully wrap in a soft cloth to place under a pillow. This may take some practice, but you’ll find yourself getting better and better, and with each achievement, you will gain a better understanding of the critical role of the dream process in Spiritual advancement.

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Sizzling Electric Epidote Phantom Quartz - Lucid Dreaming

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