#22212 Gleaming Snow-White Atlantean Lovestar Quartz Cluster
Gleaming Snow-White Atlantean Lovestar Quartz Cluster
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This beautiful snow-white 4.6 oz cluster measures 2.4" by 2” by 2” and is dominated by a single large crystal with two lovestar students to the side and many tiny crystals around the flat base. If you turn the cluster over, you can see the larger cores of the main crystals and a few of the little ones. Candle quartz gets its name from the look of the crystals – like candle drippings down the side. They have been called “Atlantean Lovestars” and Lightbraries as well. Her faces are subtly glyphed and she is beautifully misted … as if silk-filled. She is in excellent condition and will make a wondrous addition to your love altars! She is from Madagascar.

I love the name “Lovestar” as that’s exactly how she feels – like you are totally draped in a crystalline hug and enveloped in a deep, gentle and abiding love. She teaches that true love starts from within and with a love of Self – in effect heal into love! If we truly love ourselves, we totally accept who and what we are. It is not that we resist improvement, but improvements are done in a loving and Spiritual manner, rather than a deliberate “course correction” type manner. Like the many sparkling points, we radiate this love outward, making it available for all to see. Now, this isn’t a vain and selfish love, but rather a Self-less one. She is a beautiful Spirit who will help you realize your own beauty and express it with all the love in the world!

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Gleaming Snow-White Atlantean Lovestar Quartz Cluster

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