#22240 Sparkling, Radiating Bubbles of Green Wavellite
Sparkling, Radiating Bubbles of Green Wavellite
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This is a wonderful 1.8 oz, 2.6” by 1.5” by 0.88” series of sparkling green wavellite crystals, sitting on what looks like a flat novaculite base. Now, the growth patterns of these crystals are quite interesting – the crystals botryoidal in some areas, you can see the cross-sections that look like little lime slices! The color is an amazing rich lime green. If you study the little bubbles loads of glittery surfaces. SO COOL! She is from Arkansas.

While earthy in basic feel, she is also quite ethereal. Her gray and white-lined matrix provides a profound grounding, bringing you to center. The wavellite then works her magic. We think of time as linear, however we actually live all of our lifetimes simultaneously. If you picture a sphere with your core Self at the center, all points on the sphere (representing your lifetimes) occur at once. It’s just that linear thinking has become the norm, thus we think of events as happening one after the other. In any case, she helps you to understand that relationship. Her radiating crystals show you the true energy flow from the center to all points. And this isn’t just an ethereal effect, is holds for the physical as well. Working with her, you are able to get to the core of everything. By understanding the true nature of past and future, we can better live completely in the now.

For Healers, use her to assist with reestablishing proper energy flow in blocked Chakras. She works rather like a fan, initiating movement and holding the Chakra open. Once open, you can use other stones to assist with the actual healing.

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Sparkling, Radiating Bubbles of Green Wavellite

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