#22261 Devic, Natural Deep Green, Slate and Touch of Gold Garden Quartz
Devic, Natural Deep Green, Slate and Touch of Gold Garden Quartz
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This is a very unique 8.5 oz garden quartz from Brazil … 3.5” by 2.4” by 1.55” and healed all over except for the contact area base. She is clear (in spite of first impressions, offering a perfect view of the incredible landscape within – use a 10X loupe to see the full beauty of it all within her slightly-smoky crystalline expression! The landscape is actually a frothy blend of deep green and slate with touches of gold (from golden healer), creating garden features … and interestingly enough, I get playful devic energies from her … look at the listing picture and you’ll see a little face looking back at you! Her sides bear subtle glyphs and she has some very small dings, but nothing worrisome in the least – she will provide a special energy for that important Earth altar or garden meditation area!

This Spirit is wonderful for helping her Keeper relate to the Earth, achieving that balance between Spiritual and earthly so as to remind us all that we are to bring our Spiritual advancement into this physical expression. This is ever so important now as we contend with the changes that the Earth is undergoing at the present time. She helps us understand the beauty and peace in a garden and puts us in touch with the incredible energy of all that the Earth holds. And look at her garden within! Do you see crystalline flowers, rolling hills and devic faces peering out at you? These are protector Spirits, revealing themselves to you. And she reminds us that there is a protective aspect to the Earth that we often take for granted. If we allow ourselves to tap into that protection, we can effectively establish a shield that manifests on the Spiritual plane as well. And, every time we do this, we not only protect our Self, but protect the Earth as well! She is a Master Crystal beyond any shadow of a doubt and her wonderful gnome energies teach us to enjoy the journey!

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Devic, Natural Deep Green, Slate and Touch of Gold Garden Quartz

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