#22283 Mostly Purple-Blue Aurora Borealis Labradorite - Madagascar
Mostly Purple-Blue Aurora Borealis Labradorite - Madagascar
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This is a spectacular and oval-shaped polished palmstone of labradorite from Madagascar 4.9 oz and 2.5” by 1.8” by 0.9”. When just “sitting” there, it appears gray and humble but with a nice light, mostly purple edged with blue and sometimes pink! On the opposite side, there is a small area flashing green, orange and yellow! As you turn the piece, the colors undulate like the auroras against the midnight sky and in fact, they have been nick-named “frozen fire of the Auroras Borealis”!

No one who has ever seen the aurora will ever forget; it stirs a sense of longing and belonging similar to the call of the geese in the fall. Labradorite is wonderful for Third Eye application, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. She opens the Third Eye wide, allowing her Keeper to see things in different dimension. I am mesmerized by her effect and the wonderful sense of well-being she instills. She is perfect for a crystal healing or Reiki practice and would be awesome for personal use by the Healer as well so that the Healer may better perceive the true nature of illness.

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Mostly Purple-Blue Aurora Borealis Labradorite - Madagascar

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