#22284 Mystic DT Elestial Smoky Aricuai Quartz with Citrine Core
Mystic DT Elestial Smoky Aricuai Quartz with Citrine Core
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This crystal is an old stock Aricuai, Brazil quartz and this one is a mystic, DT smoky elestial with citrine core! She is 1 lb 1.7 oz, 4.2” by 3.2” by 1.8” DT light smoky elestial that is slightly frosted in areas. Her sore is citrine and she is smoky on ones side and edged with white quartz … like layers! If you turn her over to the citrine side, you can see that the smoky side was a secondary growth. She is complex, intricate, intense and mystical in every regard … she has some minor dings but nothing of significance. She will be a wondrous addition to your special altar or meditation spaces.

The ancient peoples sought crystals such as this because of the power they contained. Her elestial faces are keys to unlocking the secrets of the ancients. These unite her with the air and water; she is earth and fire. It gives her an ancient, protective and yet uplifting, soaring, loving and warm energy that is fiercely attuned to her Keeper. She helps to dispel negativity and psychic attacks while simultaneously, providing a positive flow of vibrations around her Keeper. The glyphs recall the cycles and continuity of life for to work with this Spirit is to know all there is to know about this Earth. To work with her, gather other items of the Earth: feathers, shells, flowers, herbs, small stones. Arrange them in a circle and orient them so that the four directions are honored. Anoint this Spirit with rainwater and allow her crystalline musk to rise. Play drumming music or drum yourself to heighten the vibrations of the meditation. She is a mystical crystal, holding the secrets within her. As you meditate, she will release them, one after another. Shamans cherished, honored and savored visions so received. These are now yours for your own Spiritual advancement as well as others who look to you for Light.

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Mystic DT Elestial Smoky Aricuai Quartz with Citrine Core

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