#22287 Petite Polished Star Rutile Quartz Dream Dome Landscape
Petite Polished Star Rutile Quartz Dream Dome Landscape
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Some time ago, a friend asked me if I ever got Dream Domes. Well, I’d never heard of them, so did a little investigation. They are dubbed Dream Domes or Shamanic Dream globes because of the wonderful inclusions in the quartz that are contained in a partially polished, lens-like shape. Usually, they are sort of dome shaped with a flat, natural base. When I got these in from my supplier, I was totally captivated! This one has a polished but irregular base with a domed top that really accentuates the lens effect. This is a 0.4 oz, 1.05” by 0.8” by 0.45” polished quartz dream dome with gorgeous starbursts of gleaming rutile. When viewed over a white surface, she looks polka-dotted, but the loupe reveals her glamor! The domed top makes her look dark on one side but you will see that her quartz is quite clear and her rutile like little starbursts inside. She is full of joy, vibrancy and energy!

Now, typically, Dream Domes are used for scrying (like a crystal ball) and evaluating dreams. You sit in meditation (and I like my favorite incense burning and beautiful music playing like Fairy Ring by Michael Rowland or Novus Magnificat by Constance Denby). Open both hands and cup the Dome either in one or between them and allow your mind to enter the world below. Ask questions and allow the answers to come. Now, understand that they may be in ‘code’ in that the information you get back will be symbolic. As an example, cleaning house may not represent physical cleaning, but rather sorting through ideas and beliefs that no longer work for you. Be open to the possibilities and savor the time that you have with this rare and magnificent crystalline helper!

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Petite Polished Star Rutile Quartz Dream Dome Landscape

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