#22288 Pocket DT Electric Ethereal Awakening Quartz
Pocket DT Electric Ethereal Awakening Quartz
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This is a special Spirit from Espiritu Santo, Brazil, an unusual and colorful amethyst quartz with mysterious and varied inclusions. She is a DT pocket-sized 0.8 oz and 1.7” by 1” by 0.8”. Backlight her and she is a swath of clear amethyst well studded with silvery flashes of rutile, all set in her light matte finished and glyphed crystalline presentation. There are areas of smoky from goethite and also a blush of citrine. She is not a Melody Stone, although she comes from the same area. No matter … she is totally amazing and you will marvel at the variety as you study her with a loupe. Her sides and faces are well glyphed and her lower termination is keyed in areas. All I can say, is that she is drop dead gorgeous and the energy will curl your hair!

St. Elmo’s fire is a name my supplier gave these amazing quartz and it’s a bit of a misnomer. St. Elmo’s fire is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a charge builds up from a storm cloud and discharges onto some tall, pointed object on the ground. It is plasma like in its discharge and gives an eerie glow around the object. Most commonly, it is seem along ship masts at sea (adding to the myth of ghost ships), but can be seen on pointed buildings, trees, flag poles and even grass on the ground. But with this crystal, you truly don’t get a discharge like this … rather she fills you with a glow of well-being, knowing, wisdom, love, protection, creativity and manifestation. Given this, I renamed her as ‘Ethereal Awakening quartz’ as that is precisely what she does. And in this age of Lemurian awakening, she appears at a most auspicious time to stimulate your own innate and/or latent psychic abilities. She is a go-to crystal who will so totally mesh with what you need (note that she does not deal with ‘want’ … only ‘need’) that you will wonder how you ever worked with crystals without her … she is that wonderful!

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Pocket DT Electric Ethereal Awakening Quartz

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