#22307 Drused and Glittering DT Peruvian Lemurian Quartz Cluster
Drused and Glittering DT Peruvian Lemurian Quartz Cluster
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This is a wondrous DT 1.8 oz, 3.1” by 1.6” by 1.5” fascinating and beautiful Peruvian quartz cluster with glittering druse of tiny students, punctuated with several larger ones! He is from Peru and the energies are even more lofty that the original Lemurians from old stock Peru. There are three large crystals with the bottom termination featuring a bevy of students. Lemurian lines grace his sides and truly, he is eye-candy for your loupe and joy for his Keeper!

I truly love the energies of the Peruvian quartz! I got my first some time ago and was amazed by the lofty, soaring feel! And when I saw them all arrayed on my supplier’s table, I could also feel that they were used in vast arrays in Lemuria. The Lemurian energy is very palpable. I get the impression that they were used for Self-exploration either in personal meditation or as a group, sitting in a large grid. It is possible to ‘tune’ these wands to specific energies by running fingers along the Lemurian lines, making a most musical array. This Spirit is a Communicator Controller, meant to be used in the center of the grid and set the ‘stage’ for various rituals as you awaken the history, the traditions and the wisdom of ancient Lemuria.

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Drused and Glittering DT Peruvian Lemurian Quartz Cluster

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