#22313 Gorgeous, Lobed Stromatolite ‘Rose’
Gorgeous, Lobed Stromatolite ‘Rose’
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These are totally amazing and I continuously marvel at their intricacy and expression! This one is 1 lb 11.9 oz and 3.3” by 3.1” by 1.9” and she is red clay-colored although she isn’t clay at all, but an agglomeration of calcites … you can see the little crystals with a loupe. She is beautifully expressed as a crystalline rose, albeit, supersized! The petals are in layers and deeply cupped … she is simply gorgeous and one of the amazements of Mother Earth! Her base is nicely rounded too so that she fits wonderfully between your hands! She is from Morocco.

Stromatolites are Pre-Cambrian fossils of microbiological colonies or ‘mats’, likely cyanobacteria and likely the first form of life on a primitive Earth. Cyanobacteria are marine bacteria found in all over the globe and are the main mechanism for carbon fixation in the oceans. Some are deep sea and others are surface, but all manage to thrive in concentrations of metallic ions that others cannot (either high or low) and some are boldly pigmented. They are found everywhere … at ocean depths, along oceanic shores and even in areas where there were once ancient oceans. In fact, many scientists postulate that the oceans were derived from the stars as icy meteors struck Earth and provided the first water and microorganisms.

For these species, albeit primitive, to persist since practically the dawn of life on Earth, they have adapted and changed. Continually evolving and yet maintaining their role in the huge chain of life, these organisms were a brave first ‘step’ in a new and hostile land. This wonderful Spirit teaches us the importance of change, transition and adaptation. She was ‘born’ of the sky and yet also the oceans and the Earth, illustrating balance among the Spirits of each. In her Earthly expression now, she is largely calcite and an unusual fossil marking one of the most significant events in Earth’s path. She is an important addition to your change and transition altar or a wonderful meditation companion for grounding and balance. Her energies are soft and embracing and I found deep comfort in working with her. She will be a wonderful resource to her Keeper.

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Gorgeous, Lobed Stromatolite ‘Rose’

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