#22320 Light Smoky Jenipapo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) Quartz “Mitten”
Light Smoky Jenipapo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) Quartz “Mitten”
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This is a sweet, 4.3 oz quartz from Jenipapo, Brazil, 3.85” by 2” by 0.6” and she is a tabby but shaper like a mitten… or a glove! She has a nice light smoky color and holds fine needles of blue tourmaline (indicolite) that gives a blue cast to the crystal, accented with areas of golden healer inclusions. With a loupe, you will see those slender needles of tourmaline easily! She has nice Lemurian lines and is lightly cathedraled and elestial with a small student in one side and another at the termination creating the “thumb”. She is beyond stunning when you open up to her energies and give her a chance to express her wondrous being! There are some very tiny dings, but otherwise she is simply glorious!

I was so blown away by this Spirit – between the warmth and comfort of her delicate coloring and the electric energy from the tourmaline, she is a very, very unusual crystal offering a variety of energies for her Keeper. The tourmaline, coupled with her tabby nature, makes her a potent Third Eye stimulator. We perceive things on many levels, including the occult. These messages are often cloaked in mystery and difficult to decode, thus they are also often ignored. Working with this Spirit can assist with the decoding and putting into physical expression so that you can communicate both to your Self and others exactly what you ‘see’. She is a Spirit for a Light Worker coming into their strength and ‘power’, discovering all that is open to them now. In addition, shards are the ultimate healers! This Spirit can be a critical part of a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can assist both the patient and the practitioner in addressing the true nature of the illness. She helps to strip away the underlying causes, leaving the patient open to the repair to follow. In this manner, she stimulates a real healing, not just a "fixing" of the symptoms. She allows the patient to transmute the negative energies caused by illness into positive ones for growth and healing. She will bring a whole new meaning to your experiences and progress … healing on every level!

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Light Smoky Jenipapo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) Quartz “Mitten”

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