#22321 Long and Luscious Indigo Quartz (Auralite) Wand with Elestial Trigonic Hematite
Long and Luscious Indigo Quartz (Auralite) Wand with Elestial Trigonic Hematite
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This lot of crystals came to me as kind of a super-charged Melody Stone and it’s way too understated for what this crystal is. She is a 1.5 oz, 3.4” by 0.9” by 0.75” beauty from Pederna, Brazil, so I renamed her. She is keyed all around and the keys hold impressions of the Lemurian lines and glyphs from the crystals they were once up against. She appears grayish in this keyed area until you really strongly backlight her and see smoky, amethyst, citrine, all blended to give an indigo shade. Study the edges with a loupe and you’ll see goethite and lepidocrosite … all culminating with an impressive, deep russet hematite crown, alive with a drusy inset and several tiny trigonic record keepers. Interestingly, she is rather ice cream cone shaped. She does remind me of the Thunder Bay Melody Stones, but not totally. Her energy is deeper and more primal and as heady as her intense crystalline musk. As auralite, she holds 23 different minerals within her and the energies are sheer bliss! She has important information that will facilitate her Keeper’s knowledge of Self and others … and is one of the New Order of Master Crystals! She is in excellent condition.

Indigo is a color of mystery … although part of the seven color vibrations of the rainbow, science has yet to define it the way red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet have been. There is a theory that true indigo holds the secret to invisibility. It is certainly a color filled with mystery and it is no wonder that it is associated with the Third Eye and the Realm of the Unseen.

Crystals such as this are awesome for past life regression. Place her over the Third Eye during meditation and allow her to work her magic. Because her cap is hematite, she is very protective of the core being, so she offers a very safe mode to travel. Allow the images to come forward, but do not filter or judge them. At the conclusion of the meditation, write them down and then leave them for a few days. You will receive clarification, dreams and other images to make sense of it all. Remember that often we experience things that we are not proud of in our past. We all have murdered, raped, stolen and/or other heinous acts. Use these to open up empathy and forgiveness, beginning with your Self. You will also witness lifetimes in which you were famous, kind and giving – use those as lessons to apply to your lifetime now. Further, it is said that trigonic record keepers are for a Keeper dealing with life and death issues – in other words, coming into a full understanding of the continuum of All That Is. The fact that the Keeper is attracted to the trigonic nature of this Spirit means that she/he is ready for such a bridge and the important lessons that the Angelic Realm can facilitate. In using this Spirit as a tool, you are aware of the lessons of the Trinity – body, mind Spirit: child, adult, elder; birth, life and death … all must be taken in perspective in order to understand the lessons. It will be an experience you will never forget!

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Long and Luscious Indigo Quartz (Auralite) Wand with Elestial Trigonic Hematite

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