#22324 Mysterious and Unusual Orange River Amethyst Quartz
Mysterious and Unusual Orange River Amethyst Quartz
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This is a wonderful and unusual Orange River amethyst that weighs 0.9 oz and measures 1.9” by 0.9” by 0.8”. She has a dominant russet-red hematite coating and I didn’t notice her amethyst until I backlit her! At her side, there is a small and clear quartz student and at her base is a golden healer colored student that maybe is a scepter rod that got “missed” by the amethyst addition. A layer of golden healer stained albite nearly covers her base. There are nice glyphs on sides and faces created by the hematite coloring and she is very old stock Orange River in South Africa. She may look old soul, but in reality is in excellent condition and is a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch.

Orange River quartz is totally amazing! The variety within them just blows me away! And with all that diversity comes a huge amount of energy – far in excess of what you might expect for their relative size! This Spirit is wonderful tucked in a pocket while you are doing work … her energy will keep you on task and always pushing the envelope of your capabilities. You will find in a sense, that she functions as a muse, helping and assisting to bring out the best in you. She reminds you that a solid core always holds everything together as long as you focus and apply your Self! She is both a delight and a pleasure!

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Mysterious and Unusual Orange River Amethyst Quartz

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