#22326 Opalized Indonesian “Bluestone” Petrified Wood Cab with Natural Back
Opalized Indonesian “Bluestone” Petrified Wood Cab with Natural Back
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This is a gorgeous and sort of rectangular“ bluestone” cab from Indonesia, 0.6 oz and 1.9” by 1.15” by 0.4” with flat top and natural back. The color is brown (petrified wood) that shows bright turquoise “lakes”. Even though polished, you will see slightly raised patterns around the lakes and land. The back is slightly yellow-brown and looks like a true desert island. Opals are a hydrous silicon dioxide (silicon dioxide being the mineral of quartz, agate, chalcedony and jasper) and Indonesia is one of the world’s largest deposits of petrified wood and the turquoise opal is occasionally found. It’s not a flashy opal like the fire opals, but it’s stunning none the less! This cab would make a lovely wrapped pendant, pocket pal or medicine pouch resident!

This beautiful stone feels cool, refreshing and healing. There is an ancientness about its energies with words and messages from the Nascent Earth that need expression. These are times before life forms when the winds, waters and land masses were the only occupants. And life forms began and then life burst forth on the planet in magnificent diversity and form. These are those records. The mysteries are part of our heritage and their understanding will both comfort and us and clarify our journey here.

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Opalized Indonesian “Bluestone” Petrified Wood Cab with Natural Back

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