#22337 Splendid Himalayan Lemurian Quartz Cluster Energy Shield Quartz
Splendid Himalayan Lemurian Quartz Cluster Energy Shield Quartz
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This is an awesome 1 lb 1.2 oz, 5.5” by 3.95” by 2.4” splendid Himalayan quartz cluster from the Kullu Valley in India. Tactile Lemurian lines grace his sides and the cluster sits on a sparkly quartzite base with hematite accents. There are nice glyphs on the faces, including record keepers. Some of the crystals are somewhat celestial while others are longer and clear with larger “druse” in between the linger crystals. And what a head-clearing Spirit he is … ready to get to work with his special Keeper! He boasts a handsome crystalline expression and absolutely soaring energies. He is perfect for your special altar spaces.

Bright, huge and joyful – these are all totally descriptive of this Spirit … and vibrant with the energy. There is a very strong crown activation as you work with him – you immediately become aware of a vortex opening over your head and a huge surge of energy associated with this opening. This is coupled with a deep sense of wisdom and knowing – not facts, but insight. It’s as if the complex suddenly becomes simple and obvious. He teaches that it is all here before our eyes as long as we are open and receptive. Interestingly with the arrangement of crystals at his base, energy is projected upward through him, cascading around you like a water fountain, thus effectively creating a portable energy shield. This unique ability will provide assistance with psychic attack and negative forces. This is a crystal of high teaching and protection … and a guru of the highest order.

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Splendid Himalayan Lemurian Quartz Cluster Energy Shield Quartz

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