#22338 Striking Eroded Quartz Triplet - Transition
Striking Eroded Quartz Triplet - Transition
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This is a 9 oz, 4.2” by 2.4” by 1.4” triplet of quartz from Brazil. He is a triplet of points, all held in a hand-like cluster with areas of erosion. As the crystal forms, areas of it may be dissolved away and eroded causing the reddish areas you see on the front of the crystal. These areas have healed through the eons and golden healer creates the color you see. What sides are shown bear Lemurian lines and he has a few little students. There is a very small ding to the side of his main termination, but though a bit rugged looking, he is Earthy and powerful in his own right.

This Spirit has seen dramatic change and yet has persevered and expressed in a most striking and uncommon manner. Many forces have acted on this crystal and yet, the changes have created an expression of beauty, healing and transition. In a sense, this represents the growth that we as humans must make also. Good and bad things shape us and only impede us to the degree that we allow that impediment. This Spirit epitomizes that critical balance and brings us totally to who we are as he helps his Keeper understand sense of purpose in this lifetime. He is a very auspicious crystal … one of great power, great exploration and great probabilities. He offers a profound message for our lives and helps us understand the precious nature of Now as well as the Spirit that our efforts aspire to … and once we understand, we can live well in it.

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Striking Eroded Quartz Triplet - Transition

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