#22341 Superbly-Layered, All-Natural Selenite Plate
Superbly-Layered, All-Natural Selenite Plate
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This superbly-layered Spirit is from Utah, USA and is 5” by 4.7” by 0.65” and weighs 13.4 oz. She is completely natural and not polished in any way and utterly lights up from within. She has a bit of golden healer in her edge layers given her a bit of a golden glow and undulates gently … like a gentle wave. She is wonderful for cleansing and clearing! 

Selenite is a high-power crystal and is absolutely awesome to use for cleansing. Set her amongst your quartz (she will even hold a sphere) and other crystals to keep them energetically spotless! Use her to clean negativity from a room or an outside area. She is wonderful in a sick room or in a treatment room of a crystal healing or Reiki practice. But that just scratches the surface – she is excellent for near the body and used as a general “aura tonic” to refresh and energize the aura. Just a few minutes clears an amazing amount of stuff. One caution, if you are using on a patient or yourself, she will bring up things that you never expected. Because of her clearing ability, she can elicit an overly emotional responses. Be prepared for extreme emotions followed by intense relief as if a splinter were removed. She is also an excellent altar Spirit for a Wicca or Shaman to assist in maintaining integrity and purity of thought is performing sacred magic. She brings in an element of independence and expression – a very precious and powerful combination!

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Superbly-Layered, All-Natural Selenite Plate

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