#22358 Cream, Gray and Gold King Cobra Jasper Polished Sphere
Cream, Gray and Gold King Cobra Jasper Polished Sphere
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This is a wondrous arrival from India … a 6.8 oz and 1.9” in diameter king cobra jasper sphere, beautifully polished. The stone is covered with orbs of cream and gold with accents of pale dove-gray. The orbs rather loosely resemble the scales of her namesake snake. With a loupe, you will see that the orbs are rimmed with teeny crystals and the gray areas appear to be quartz crystals … it’s quite the landscape! She fits well into the hand where she warms quickly with little “pricks” of electricity as she does so! She is often called the “Counselor’s Stone”, but she is SO much more!

The king cobra is the largest and most dangerous of the venomous snakes in the world. It’s bite, left untreated, will result in death within half an hour. Although not considered an aggressive snake, the female will vigorously protect her nest and both sexes will similarly defend their territory. Like any animal, if attacked, any snake will defend. Native to India and Southeast Asia, the king cobra is India’s national reptile and many cultures consider it a Spirit Animal.

All this made me wonder why a beautiful and soothing stone would be named after such a dangerous reptile! Working with her, she instills balance and discernment. Acting too quickly can be “deadly” but then it can also be a necessary defense. Cobra shows assistance in determining when/if to act. In a sense, she isn’t a “counselor’s Stone” but more a “Devil’s Advocate Stone” I found the process of working through a decision with her gentle, peaceful and pleasant. I certainly didn’t get the image of a deadly snake … as if I was talking to a BFF who helped me see both sides of the issues. She is a very, very powerful Spirit and a must-have addition to your working crystals.

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Cream, Gray and Gold King Cobra Jasper Polished Sphere

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