#22383 Pale Gold Cerussite with Hematite and Peach Barite
Pale Gold Cerussite with Hematite and Peach Barite
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This incredible cluster is 3.6 oz, 2.1” by 1.7” by 1.05” and is surprisingly heavy for her size. She is a series of light gold cerussite crystals (a few look a bit smoky because of the hematite) sitting on a layer of gorgeous peach barite. Top and base are studded with bits of metallic-looking hematite. She will dazzle you with her expression! She is from Morocco and a real beauty – you simply must see her for yourself!

Barite is a wonderful crystal for the dreamtime, both in stimulating the actual dream state and realizing your dreams once you return to the conscious state. Hematite is a grounding stone, but with a difference; it’s not for holding you down, but more for showing you the way back. Now, add the incredible energies of cerussite and you have one amazing Spirit! Cerussite is noted for stimulating communications, thus putting you any ease in any situation – home, office, travel, vacation. You just seem to fit in better and adjust better to wherever you are. Further, years ago, when I lived in New Mexico, I was told that cerussite was great to keep by your computer to absorb the electromagnetic waves coming off if it. I’ve had a crystal of it nearby ever since. Now, the blended effect of all these is that is THE Spirit to take with you everywhere! OK, I take a ton of crystals with me everywhere, but I think you’ll see a clear difference in that this one is truly a “workhorse”. She helps you adapt to change, whether that change is in physical or in psychic surroundings. We all become too well comfortable in our “rut” – where we live and work and what we hold as beliefs. This is a time of change and dramatic change at that. She is a helper of the highest order in making sense of all that is going on and seeing the rationale of why it must happen. She assists with the transmutation of the energies from one level to another (which is why she’s so good around computers) and through it all, gleams with that golden beauty and energy!

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Pale Gold Cerussite with Hematite and Peach Barite

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