#22390 Spiral-Keyed, Golden Glow Icicle Quartz Wand - Madagascar
Spiral-Keyed, Golden Glow Icicle Quartz Wand - Madagascar
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This was a find at my supplier’s years ago and wow, are these ever neat! He called them icicle quartz and if you have ever seen icicles on the edge of the roofs of houses in the winter, you’ll see why! This Spirit is a gently-curved wand, polished at the termination and in a few spots elsewhere and has a wonderful pale golden glow from golden healer. She is 8.3 oz and 5.6” by 1.55” by 1.5” … and is clear, but heavily keyed all around with Lemurian lines in the keys where the other crystals once resided. Interestingly, the keys give her a rotated look with resulting spiral energies. Interestingly (and I took quite a few pictures of this), one key has some very fascinating glyphs in it … parallel zig-zag lines! These crystals were carefully separated from chaotic clusters and often have no conventional termination. The keys are up, down and sideways and offer perfect places for fingers and thumb so that you have many adjustment possibilities as you work with this most unusual wand. She is truly joyful and beautiful … and you will enjoy her shy rainbows!

These crystals totally intrigued me – they have a wonderful and healing energy and although not terminated in the classical sense, they are amazing moving energy in a systematic and controlled manner simply by choosing a key for finger of thumb placement. This sweet Spirit is a classic healing crystal. When I did crystal healing in New Mexico, I liked to have a ‘sensing’ crystal for a pre-evaluation of the blockages, energy flows and energy directions at each of the Chakras. She is a perfect crystal for this use as she easily picks up the energy direction. Following placement of the various crystals for treatment, she would then be used for activation of each and setting the energy levels necessary to achieve the desired healing effect. You will be amazed by her usefulness and beauty!

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Spiral-Keyed, Golden Glow Icicle Quartz Wand - Madagascar

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