#22401 AAA Lovely Golden Libyan Desert Glass Carved Scarab
AAA Lovely Golden Libyan Desert Glass Carved Scarab
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This is a marvelous carved scarab of AAA Libyan desert glass weighing 7.28 grams and measuring 1.05” by 0.75” by 0.45". With a loupe you can see little spheroids of cristobalite, bubbles and dark flecks of iridium. Libyan desert glass (LDG) is a tektite, but with a difference. Discovered by the western world in 1932 by Patrick Clayton, they had been known to the ancient Egyptians; a scarab carved from this glass was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The age of the glass is unknown and it is thought to be an impactite, in that it was formed from a meteorite (or some other force) that literally vitrified the sand. (Interestingly, the authorities have never found a meteor crater and are at a loss to explain what could have caused such high heat as to fuse the sand like this … ) LDG is almost pure silica with traces of iridium (the flecks) , proof of their extraterrestrial origin since iridium is the one element found on Earth not native to here. The largest LDG ever found weighed 26 kg and they are from the Great Sand Sea in northern Africa! This beautiful scarab would make a gorgeous touchstone or pendant!

To the ancient Egyptians, the scarab was sacred and represented the sun and the sun god, Ra. The scarab was revered as a symbol of the circle of life, death and reincarnation and during the lifetime of owner, would protect from evil. Many Egyptians wore a scarab as an amulet and this one could be worn or carried in a medicine pouch.

When I first held my first piece of LDG, I was astounded – tears welled in my eyes and I felt like I’d found a long, lost friend. Indeed, she helps to more fully awaken within us, the light of our soul essence, a profoundly moving and comforting sensation. Her golden energy fills your aura and you feel more alive and aware, as if your radar had been turned on. I am struck with the manner that they enable you to connect with ALL levels of your expression. She is presenting herself for a special Keeper who is undergoing a Spiritual awakening and who feels like they are strangely out of step with this world. Although not truly a starbrary, she is a rare and wonderful connection to the stars, reminding her Keeper of ancient memories and distant worlds … from which the Egyptians are said to have been influenced and taught.

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AAA Lovely Golden Libyan Desert Glass Carved Scarab

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