#22406 Colorful DT Tangerine Ancient Sage Quartz Wand
Colorful DT Tangerine Ancient Sage Quartz Wand
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These wonderful crystals are from Para, Brazil and are a delightful shades-of-tangerine color from hematite. Mineral acids within the Earth have left them sculpted, misshapen, etched, glyphed and marvelously healed throughout their ordeal. Physically they resemble the Himalayan Ice crystals (aka Himalayan Rosies) but their etheric role is different. The Himalayan Ice crystals are more heart related, whereas these tangerine ones are more focused on the lower Chakras where we store the gifts of our parents (our genetic heritage), our code of ethics, our inherited data and all our learned “basics” accumulated through life and growth. This colorful Spirit is DT 3.6 oz and 3.85” by 1.15” by 0.75” and has modestly etched terminations and minimal etchings on the sides . more normal than most dissolution quartz. Her color is a rich tangerine and with irregularly-added deeper-colored hematite in the crevices. If you check her with a loupe, you will see tiny-tiny hematite dots all over … she is like a pointillist painting! The upper termination has an embedded small student and a ding on one side that is 80% healed (leaving a small ding) … none the less, she is a special Spirit for a special Keeper!

These tangerines are teaching quartz, full of information, wisdom and discernment. They are the Ancient Sages whose role is to impart that knowledge accumulated through the eons to the those who would search. These Spirits have seen change beyond comprehension, learning from all and accumulating a vast and infinite “databank” of experience, adaptation and transmutation. The have experienced the fullness of time as they transitioned from molten molecules into crystals of silicon dioxide. They have felt the mineral acids sculpt that crystallization and experienced the washes of hematite that add color. Each transition makes them more beautiful physically and ethereally … and their knowledge grows. With each growth, their understanding and wisdom augments.

To work with these Ancient Sages, create a special space with incense and expansive music without words (such as the Americana Series: Desert Aire). You will feel immediate movement in your Core, gradually moving upward. These are chatty crystals given the chance, so “listening” is imperative. Old, useless core beliefs fade away and clear leaving your Core garden well-weeded. As the energy moves upward, I feel renewed passion activated … passion devoted to your heart’s desires be it dancing, singing, painting, poetry. Each Chakra is stimulated in turn until you reach those outside the physical body, connecting you to the Universe and All That Is. You and the Ancient Sage are in the center and All That Is swirls around you. I was humbled to tears as a flood of understanding washed over me … understanding that has no words to define it. These are truly transcendental Spirits and it is an honor to bond with one!

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Colorful DT Tangerine Ancient Sage Quartz Wand

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