#22413 Flashy, Hot Violet-Blue Opalized Stalactite
Flashy, Hot Violet-Blue Opalized Stalactite
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My supplier managed to find these little beauties at Tucson a few years ago and I fell in love immediately. This is a 0.2 oz and 1” by 0.8” by 0.35” golden stalactite that looks a bit like a stubby, golden pinecone. The top features a luscious chocolate brown area … but what got me is that I was just admiring that brown patch, there was a violet-blue flash when a sunbeam crossed my desk! WOW! Then, out came my loupe and I could see fire opal within! The brown is like cracked mud and the opal shows through, although generally stubborn for the camera, this one REALLY flashed his true colors! I suggest sitting in the sun with this sweetie and he will reveal his neon blue to you too. I suspect that this is a fire opal in chalcedony with a good coating of iron oxide (golden healer) and it will come off with washing so if you don’t like his exterior, give him a good bath with a brush. These fiery windows are wonderful and I totally love the ‘whole package’! He is from Queensland, Australia.

As with many of the shipments, there is one of these Spirits that has called to me and I have carried him all over … can’t get enough of him … and I couldn’t wait to share another with you! He is earth and he is fire! Earth is considered feminine and fire, masculine, so he is the ultimate balancer. He teaches that within us all, there is a fire burning, a flame that is unquenched. It is this flame that we must cultivate so that it becomes out outward expression, beautiful and vibrant. He helps you to see that you are far more than just a physical ‘container’ and the best is often just below the surface - our true inner beauty!

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Flashy, Hot Violet-Blue Opalized Stalactite

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