#22414 Gentle, Soft and Soothing Angelite (Anhydrite) Nodule Palmstone - Whale Energies
Gentle, Soft and Soothing Angelite (Anhydrite) Nodule Palmstone - Whale Energies
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This is a beautiful and 3.3 oz palmstone, 3.7” by 2.4 by 0.5” angelite nodule with polished and flattened base from Peru. Angelite is also known as anhydrite and is a soft, slightly grayed, blue. This nodule is lobed and accented with a bit of golden healer and nests lovingly in your hand. And interestingly she resembles a happy whale and exudes those energies as well! She is in excellent condition and perfect for your personal meditation and angel contacts.

When you hold this Spirit, you are first aware of a sense of calm. If your life has been stressed and hectic, she instills such a peaceful, loving feeling that you feel like you are finally in control and in charge of your own life. Angelite assists her Keeper in finding that critical equilibrium in a fast-paced life so that no matter what changes or no matter what happens, you breeze right through it … appropriately named, she’s like having an angel sitting on your shoulder. She seems to absorb the fear from change and allows you to realize the most important lesson from every shift you experience. To the Native Peoples, Whale is considered to be the Mother Record Keeper. She was there when Mu, the Motherland, sank into the sea, forcing her peoples to go elsewhere. Whale is considered to be clairvoyant, to hear sounds, high and low, that we cannot. She speaks with the wisdom of the ages as she gathers information from peoples all over the Earth … the universal heartbeat. It is said that Whale energies teach us to use sound and frequencies to heal ourselves – as she has done in this quartz. To hold her is to hold the Song of the Universe and to be one with her message. Take Whale energies into your heart and share the memory!

This is perfect Spirit for crystal healing or Reiki treatments … and for a refreshing, restorative night’s sleep, try tucking her under your pillow at night!

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Gentle, Soft and Soothing Angelite (Anhydrite) Nodule Palmstone - Whale Energies

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